Premium Beer
Stella, Heineken (330 ML)   $6.50 + Tax


Domestic Beer
Kokanee (341 ML)  $6.00 + Tax 

D22. Che Dac Biet
Special Bean Combination served with Coconut Milk and Crushed Ice   $5.95


D23. Che Dau Do
Red Bean served with Coconut Milk and Crushed Ice $5.95


D24. Kem
Mario’s Gelato Ice Cream  $5.75


D4. Trai Vai
Lychee Pieces and Juice Served with Crushed Ice $5.25


D5. Fresh Tea With Pearls
Lychee, Honey Green Tea, Peach, Passion Fruit, Strawberry  $5.50 - Add Coconut Jelly $.50


D6. Da Chanh
Iced Limeade $4.50


D7. Soda Chanh
Iced Limeade with Soda $5.25


D8. Nuoc Dua
Iced Coconut Juice with Coconut Pieces $5.25


D9. Sua Dau Nanh
Soy Bean Milk $4.50


D10. Tra Da Chanh
Iced Tea $4.50


D11. Nuoc Ngot
Soft Drink - Coke, 7-UP, Orange Crush, Gingerale, Diet Coke $2.95


D12. Nuoc Cam Vat
Fresh Orange Juice (Seasonal) $6.25


D1. Ca Phe Sinh To
Vietnamese Coffee Smoothie $6.50


D2. Ca Phe Sua Nong
Hot Dripped Vietnamese Coffee with Condensed Milk $5.50


D3. Ca Phe Sua Da
Iced Dripped Vietnamese Coffee with Condensed Milk $5.50




D13. Sinh To Mit
Jackfruit Smoothie  $5.95


D14. Sinh To Bo
Avocado Smoothie $5.95


D15. Sinh To Dau
Strawberry Smoothie $5.95


D16. Sinh To Mang Cau
Soursop Smoothie  $5.95


D17. Sinh To Sau Rieng
Durian Smoothie $5.95


D18. Pearl Smoothie
Taro, Strawberry, Honeydew, Coconut, Mango, Watermelon  $5.75


D19. Sinh To Trai Vai
Lychee Smoothie   $5.95


D20. Sinh To Dua Hau
Fresh Watermelon Slush (Seasonal) $5.95


D21. Sinh To Dau Do
Red Bean Smoothie $5.95


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